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Chairperson of SJCPTA

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Recently, in a mass, what the priest celebrant said in the homily moved my heart. He said, “We often hear comments that each generation is worse than the previous ones, but when giving it a second thought, we are simply making comparisons. In fact, each generation is just different….” I believe this remark deserves deeper thought.

As parents and teachers, we need to adapt the way we love and guide the young Josephians in order to help them meet the new challenges they face growing up every day. However, very seldom do these young ones tell us exactly how they feel. (Doesn’t it sound familiar?) From this perspective, we were more or less the same back when we were young.

Today, it is essential for us to share our daily learnings, communicate closely and help each other understand our children more, in order to steer our directions. PTA undoubtedly plays a significant role in facilitating this collaboration between parents and the school.

Here I must express my gratitude to the school and all parents for the trust and support given to the PTA all along. As a supportive community, we welcome comments and participation from all of you. We are the guiding light for the young Josephians, supporting them to achieve, live up to the Josephians’ spirit, and pursue their dreams.

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