Appreciation Cards

Designed and drawn by Josephians, these cards with kind words of appreciation are certainly the best gifts for teachers and parents!
19 - 20
19-20 Parents - First (2A28 Ma Tsun Yin)
19-20 Parents - Second (3E27 Sajahan Ray
19-20 Parents - Third (2A15 Kan Hsuan-Ha
19-20 Teachers - First (1D27 Tam Ho Chak
19-20 Teachers - Second (2E35 Yue Ming F
19-20 Teachers - Third (2B26 Lin Lok Him
18 - 19
P0- First Prize- Kung Kwong Pui Adrian _
P1_Second Prize- Hadrien Ng_2E(21).jpg
P2_Third Prize- Fok Pak Yin Aidan_1E(10)
T0_First Prize- Leung Wai Lok Benny _3A
T1_Second Prize- Chan Hei Lam Aariz _1C(
T2_Third Prize- Chen Wai To Tolly_1E(5).
17 - 18