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About Us

As family and school education play an integral part in a child's development, the Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) was established in September 1995 to strengthen home-school cooperation. To achieve this end, an extensive range of home-school activities such as Parent-Child Outing, Parenting Skills Seminar, Annual Dinner and Career Talk have been organized for its members. It is hoped that through closer communication, parents and school can work together to help the students to cope with problems associated with their studies, families and personal development.



The organization consists of a General Meeting and an Executive Committee. The General Meeting is the highest authority of the Association and composed of all the members. When the General Meeting is in recess, all matters of the Association is managed by the Executive Committee. The Committee has the power to manage the matters of the Association for the General Meeting. All the parent-members on the Executive Committee are elected in the Annual General Meeting whereas the teacher-members are appointed prior to the Meeting.

Executive Committee Members

Student Committee

Formed in 1996, The Parent-Teacher Association Student Committee (PTASC) is a subsidiary body of the Parent-Teacher Association (PTA), aiming to facilitate the work of the PTA. With the PTA being the decision-making body, the PTASC mainly involves in the work to carry out most of the plans throughout the year, so as to bring plans into reality. The PTASC consists of an Executive Committee lead by senior students. They are given the opportunities to handle different tasks, for example, organizing camps, annual dinner, interest courses, etc. in order to gain experience from their work. Through working with the PTA, a harmonious relationship among the school, parents and students is formed while the PTASC also helps students to form a positive perception of the PTA.

Student Committee Members


The success of the PTA attributes to many factors. We would like to thank our Principal, Ms. YF Wong, for supporting the PTA throughout the year. We would also like to thank our Supervisor, Brother Jeffrey Chan, and the Vice Principal, Mr. KM Sin, Mr. TM Kwok and Mr. Godwin Szeto, for their unfailing support. We would like to thank the teacher executive committee members and student committee members for their dedication to all the activities organized this year. Last but not the least, we owe a debt of gratitude to all the parents who are pillars of the PTA. The PTA would not run so smoothly without their participation, devotion and contributions.

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